b'metal trophies and awardsFairfield Round Tray RETAIL PRICE72-325S Ivory 8dia $50 sand cast aluminum; enameled rim 72-325M Ivory 10dia $70 beaded trim detail; tarnish free 72-325L Ivory 12dia $80 available in 3 colors, 3 sizes each stand not included 72-324S Hunter Green 8dia $5072-324M Hunter Green 10dia $7072-324L Hunter Green 12dia $8072-323S Navy Blue 8dia $5072-323M Navy Blue 10dia $7072-323L Navy Blue 12dia $80Fulton Round Tray sand cast aluminum braided rim detail; tarnish free stand not includedRETAIL PRICE72-319S 9dia $5072-319M 11dia $7072-319L 13dia $90Prices include engraved logo and up to 3 lines of copy in one location 75'