b'metal trophies and awards80-041 80-042Prominence Cup RETAIL PRICE80-041S 7h x 9w $120 select from nickel-plated finish (left)80-041M 10h x 8w $140or copper-plated (right) 80-041L 12h x 9w $160 tall trophy with ample presence non-tarnish 80-042S 7h x 9w $12080-042M 10h x 8w $14080-042L 12h x 9w $160Delphi Cup select from nickel-plated finish(left) or copper-plated (right) handsome traditional trophy non-tarnishRETAIL PRICE80-039S 7h x 6w $10080-039M 8h x 7w $12080-039L 9h x 8w $14080-040S 7h x 6w $10080-040M 8h x 7w $12080-040L 9h x 8w $14080-039 80-040Prices include engraved logo and up to 3 lines of copy in one location 71'