b'80-025 Harrison Trophy Pitcher67 Brooklyn Bowl146 G P Tundra Rocks99 80-026 Colonial Bowl69 Byron Trophy41 Galaxy Trophy Vase22 Paladium Trophy Vase29 Tundra Whiskey Decanter12180-027 Antoine Trophy Cup69 Gallagher Trophy Vase60 Parker Decanter120 Tuscany Carafe13080-030 Adair Sporting Cup72 C Gate Tower Award82 Parker Decanter Set120 Tuscany Stemless Taster13080-031 Ingram Players Cup72 Cafe Ceramic Mug159 Gibraltar Barware95 Parker On The Rocks99 Tuscany Stemless Wine Set130 80-032 Merritt Trophy Cup73 Calypso Decanter128 Glencairn Nosing Copita89 Parker Trophy Cup45 Two-Toned Tankard Mug13580-034 Copper Julep Cup136 Camargo Cup32 Glencairn Small Batch Taster89 Parthenon Obelisk83 Tyler Carafe13180-036 Winslow Trophy Cup73 Camden Trophy Cup38 Glencairn Whisky Glass89 Pendleton Disc Award81 Tyler Tasting Glass13180-037 Moscow Mule136 Cameron Trophy38 Glendale Vase4 Penrose Cup26 Tyler Tasting Set13180-038 Touchstone Claret Jug64 Can Cooler100 Golf Ball Bottle Stopper137 Perpetual Wood Bases16180-039 Delphi Cup, Nickel-Plated71 Cantina Carafe128 Grand Acacia Carving Board119 Peyton Trophy Cup42 U80-040 Delphi Cup, Copper-Plated71 Captain\'s Carafe131 Grand Acacia Paddle119 Phoenix Oval Tray74 Uptown Martini Set13180-041 Prominence Cup, Nickel-Plated71 Carthage Classic Vase6 Grand Acacia Round Board118 Pinnacle Decanter19 USA board11780-042 Prominence Cup, Copper-Plated71 Cask Taster88 Grand Acacia Shallow Tray118 Plato Art Vase7680-043 Constantine Trophy Cup68 Celestial Signature Trophy52 Grand Champion Trophy58 Players Bowl68 V80-044 Marcus Wine Caddy137 Centennial Cup64 Grandin Trophy Cup33 Polar Bottle139 Vanguard Trophy Cup7081-003 Centennial Cup64 Challenge Bucket14 Grand Reserve Decanter125 Polar Lowball141 Vantage Vase281-004 Harrington Trophy Cup65 Chatfield Round Box155 Granville Trophy48 Polar Mug140 Victor Trophy3381-005 Brigadier Trophy Cup66 Cigaro Ashtray149 Grayson Vase62 Polar Stemless140 Victory Trophy Cup5481-006 Albemarle Trophy Cup66 Claret Cup39 Greenwich Trophy Cup29 Prestwick Trophy Vase28 Vinery Carafe13082-002 Forsyth Flared Vase7 Claridge Trophy Cup37 Princeton Barware98 Vinery Wine Set13082-003 Brighton Bud Vase153 Clarion Biscuit Barrel16 H Princeton Cup40 Vino Carafe12982-005 Dublin Rose Bowl11 Classic Bowl145 Harmony Barware93 Princeton Pitcher21 Vino Wine Set12982-008 Manor DOF99 Classic Ceramic Mug159 Harmony Beers102 Prominence Cup71 Vision Diamond Award8482-010 Dublin Gift Bowl144 Classic Ice Bucket14 Harmony Shot Glass103 Puccini Decanter126 Vision Peak Award8482-011 Alden Hurricane Vase11 Classic Julep Cup135 Harmony Specialty Stems108 Vision Slant Award8482-014 Executive Water Set133 Classic Obelisk Award83 Harmony Stemless Wines107 Q Voltaire Art Vase7782-016 Meredith Vase6 Classic Pitcher150 Harmony Stemware107 Quadro Bowl14882-017 Carthage Classic Vase6 Classic Whiskey Decanter123 Harrington Trophy Cup65 Quartet Bowl9 W82-652 Director\'s On The Rocks98 Classic Whiskey Set123 Harrison Trophy Pitcher67 Weinland Taster9187-004 Gibraltar On The Rocks95 Classic Wine Decanter129 Hartman Trophy35 R Williams Trophy Vase6087-005 Gibraltar Iced Beverage95 Classic Wine Set129 Heirloom Bowl144 Ranier Trophy55 Winslow Trophy Cup7387-006 Gibraltar DOF95 Colonial Bowl69 Hempstead Trophy Vase43 Rectangle Paperweight152 Worthington Lidded Trophy5787-008 Quadro Bowl148 Commander Trophy Cup67 Herald Crystal Bowl10 Rectangle Serving Tray15187-009 Cigaro Ashtray149 Commemorative Award153 Heritage Pedestal Cup39 Reflection Bowl149 Y87-011 Rialto Tray153 Conquerors Trophy Cup35 Hilton Barware94 Reflection Vase8 Yarmouth Trophy Cup2787-014 Quartet Bowl9 Constantine Trophy Cup68 Hilton Shot Glass103 Regal Trophy Vase44 Yorkshire Trophy5087-015 Laurel Award Plate21 Constellation Trophy Cup23 Hole In One Award153 Reserve Barware9789-001 Serendipity Board116 Copper Julep Cup136 Honors Pedestal Trophy59 Reserve Gourmet Stemware111 Z89-002 Karma Board116 Copper Tankard Mug136 Hospitality Chip and Dip147 Reserve Stemware111 Zola Twist Award8089-003 "My State" Board117 Cork Ceramic Mug158 Rialto Tray15389-004 USA board117 Cornerstone Cube152 I Richland Bowl1290-001 Grand Acacia Round Board118 Cosmos Bowl145 Imperial Trophy Cup48 Riedel O Stemless Wine Tumblers11390-002 Grand Acacia Carving Board119 Covington Trophy Cup40 Ingram Players Cup72 Riedel Ouverture Double Magnum11490-003 Grand Acacia Shallow Tray118 Crosley Golf Tower82 Insulated Growler134 Riedel Ouverture Wines11390-004 Grand Acacia Paddle119 Cubic Bowl148 Irish Pub Glass101 Riedel Ouverture Wine Set11498-001 Glencairn Whisky Glass89 Riedel Spirits Sets9198-002 Glencairn Nosing Copita89 D J Riedel Vinum Wines11298-003 Glencairn Small Batch Taster89 Delphi Cup71 Jameson Grand Trophy57 Ritz Barware9699-000 Deluxe Square Decanter Set, 3 Piece124 Deluxe Barware93 Jennings Trophy Vase7 Roly Poly Barware9699-004 Classic Whiskey Set, 3 Piece123 Deluxe Beer Pilsner101 Jerome Decanter122 Roma Barware9899-005 Classic Wine Set, 3 Piece129 Deluxe Cocktail Mixer124 Romaine Nappy14599-010 Barrel Decanter Set, 5 Piece127 Deluxe Cylinder Decanter125 K Rosewood Base16099-011 Barrel Decanter Set, 3 Piece127 Deluxe Cylinder Decanter Set125 Karma Board116 Rosewood Plaque8599-022 Beer Tasting Set143 Deluxe Cylinder Taster125 Kearney Trophy Cup44 Rossini Decanter12699-029 Tundra Decanter Set, 3 Piece121 Deluxe Flared Vase2 Kenwood Signature Trophy53 Round Base16099-030 Tundra Decanter Set, 5 Piece121 Deluxe Ice Bucket13 Killarney Cup61 Round Bottle Stopper13799-031 Director\'s Whiskey Set, 3 Piece122 Deluxe Mug101 Kingsley Bowl10 Round Cigar Ashtray14999-032 Parker Decanter Set, 3 Piece120 Deluxe Square Decanter124 Round Ornament15799-033 Director\'s Whiskey Set, 5 Piece122 Deluxe Square Decanter Set124 L Royale Trophy Cup5199-035 Parker Decanter Set, 5 Piece120 Diamond Paperweight152 Lancaster Trophy3199-036 Deluxe Square Decanter Set, 5 Piece124 Dignitary Stoppered Carafe157 Laurel Award Plate2199-042 Tuscany Stemless Wine Set, 3 Piece130 Director\'s Barware98 Laurel Trophy Cup32 S99-063 Classic Wine Set, 5 Piece129 Director\'s Decanter122 Lawrence Trophy Cup49 Samba Shot Glass10399-065 Classic Whiskey Set, 5 Piece123 Director\'s Whiskey Set122 Leatherette Flask142 Santa Fe Ceramic Mug15899-069 Vinery Wine Set, 3 Piece130 Divided Relish Bowl147 Leatherette Flask Set142 Sapphire Sweep Award8699-070 Vino Wine Set, 5 Piece129 Donegal Trophy Vase61 Leatherette Picture Frame156 Seasons Bowl14499-071 Vino Wine Set, 3 Piece129 Dorchester Signature Trophy53 Leatherette Round Coaster Set142 Sebastian Trophy Vase5499-073 Vinery Wine Set, 5 Piece130 Dram Taster90 Leatherette Square Coaster Set142 Selection Ales10399-074 Bourbon Tasting Set143 Drinking Jar100 Luigi Decanter 126 Selection Barware9299-082 Tyler Tasting Set, 3 Piece131 Dublin Gift Bowl144 Luminary Trophy Vase47 Selection Coffee Mug10099-108 Uptown Martini Set, 3 Piece131 Dublin Rose Bowl11 Lunar Night Set133 Selection Party Cup10099-313 Deluxe Cylinder Decanter Set, 5 Piece125 Duet Ceramic Mug159 Selection Shot10399-663 Executive Bar Set, 3 Piece123 Duet Rectangle Award85 M Selection Stemless Wines10699-664 Executive Bar Set, 5 Piece123 Dunvegan Cup50 Manchester Trophy56 Selection Wines106Manor DOF99 Serendipity Board116A E Mansfield Trophy46 Shannon Pedestal Cup62Adair Sporting Cup72 English Trifle Bowl147 Marcus Wine Caddy137 Shelby Wine Stopper137Albemarle Trophy Cup66 Erikson Trophy70 Mayfair Candy Jar17 Sheridan Barware95Alden Hurricane Vase11 Europa Stemware108 McMillan Signature Trophy52 Ships\' Decanter127Alexandria Trophy Cup36 Executive Bar Set123 Meredith Trophy Cup45 Sidney Trophy Vase49Anderson Bucket13 Executive Decanter123 Meredith Vase6 Signature Brew101Antoine Trophy Cup69 Executive Water Set133 Meridian Award86 Signature Square Barware92Applause Bowl12 Exemplar Trophy51 Merritt Trophy Cup73 Signature Tall Beer101Arcadia Trophy55 Exmoor Trophy41 Metro Vase5 Southfield Trophy25Arch Clock154 Monaco Trophy Cup30 Spartan Trophy Cup46Aristotle Art Vase76 F Mondrian Trinket Box155 Sporting Cup25Artemis Award78 Faceted Ornament157 Monte Carlo Vase5 Square Serving Tray151Ascent Trophy Vase26 Fado Bar and Coaster Set132 Monterey Carafe127 Square Shot Glass103Aston Vase3 Fado Ship\'s Decanter132 Montrose Cup56 Stainless Steel Shaker131Athena Vase78 Fado Wine and Coaster Set132 Moscow Mule136 Standing Paperweight152Avalon Trophy Cup24 Fado Wine Decanter132 "My State" Board117 Sterling Whiskey Taster90Fairfax Footed Bowl148 Stockton Serving Tray74B Fairfield Round Tray75 N Sullivan Trophy Vase42Baldwin Trinket Box155 Fairfield Vase4 Nantucket Cup30 Supremo Stemless Wines110Bancroft Hurricane Vase3 Fairway Barware105 Nautical Decanter120 Supremo Stemware110Barrel Decanter127 Fairway Beers105 Neat Taster88 Symphony Vase8Barrel Decanter Set127 Fairway Bucket20 Nelson Trophy28Barrel Mug101 Fairway Carafe19 Neptune Teardrop Award79 TBarrel Taster88 Fairway Champions Cup36 Newbury Box155 Tankard Mug100Beacon Trophy37 Fairway Cosmopolitan104 Newport Flask142 Tankard Pitcher150Beauvoir Award80 Fairway Decanter18 New York Bar Pitcher150 Tavern Trophy Cup27Beckett Trophy Cup63 Fairway Nappy146 New York Barware97 Teardrop Award79Beer Growler134 Fairway Slanted Vase20 New York Bowl146 Tee-It-Up Award82Beer Tasting Set143 Fanfare Award81 New York Bucket15 Tempo Jar16Birkdale Trophy Cup43 Fashion Beers102 New York Decanter18 Tempo Stemware109Black Diamond Award84 Festivo Carafe128 Normandy Trophy65 Terence Tankard Mug135Blackwood Plaque85 Fidelity Clock154 Nottingham Trophy Cup47 Terrace All-Purpose Wine109Boss Can Cooler141 Flare Shot Glass103 Tiberius Award77Boss Giant Ale138 Fore Barware104 O Touchstone Claret Jug64Boss Swig139 Forsyth Flared Vase7 Olympia Cup31 Tournament Cup34Boss Tumbler138 Foster Barware94 Oval Paperweight152 Tralee Trophy Cup63Bourbon Tasting Set143 Fremont Mug100 Oxford Biscuit Jar17 Trevor Wine Chiller137Brewster Classic Trophy34 Fresno Vanity Tray151 Trio Bowl9Brigadier Trophy Cup66 Fulton Clock154 Tube Shot103Brighton Bud Vase153 Fulton Round Tray75 Tundra Bar Pitcher121Bristol Bucket15 Tundra Decanter Set121 167Broadway Picture Frame156'