b'Etching TechniquesLight EtchLight etch is a delicate but permanent surface etch.As illustrated, the light etch technique does necessitate small breaks in any enclosed letter or area. When budgetary concerns are paramount, light etching provides a quality, yetLIGHT ETCHeconomical solution.Only club crests and logos as well as event name and year may be light etched. Award copy is not available in light etch. The per item minimum for light etch is 36 pieces.Deep EtchDeep etch is our highest caliber etchingDEEP ETCHtechnique, providing the ultimate appearancein etched crystal. Your crest or logo is crisply cut, rendering a detailed and permanent dimensional image. Please note: Etching will appear deeper in bold open areas of a logo and less deep in fine detailed areas such as copy.Reverse Frosted Etching REVERSE FROSTED ETCHINGThis deep etch technique "reverses out" your logo or artwork on request so that more of the frosted area is present, creating a more luxurious look and finish. Contact customer service for details.ColorMarkColorMark is a durable UV printing processthat allows for printing on almost any flatCOLORMARKobject or surface, which lends itself well to glass, crystal and metal finishes. Printing with UV allows for any logo or copy to be printed at high resolution without limitations or alterations, producing unique and colorful awards and gifts. Products are not dishwasher safe. Clean with ammonia-free cleaner using a soft lint-free cloth.ENGRAVINGEngravingDiamond engraving uses a non-rotating tool with a cone-shaped diamond tip, which is dragged with pressure through metal, leaving a beautiful impression. Diamond-drag creates quality engraving that compares to handLASER ENGRAVING, STAINLESS STEELengraving. The width of stroke is constantand does not vary in depth.Diamond-drag is recommended for softmetals such as silver, copper, pewter,aluminum and nickel.Laser EngravingLaser engraving creates a digital "burned" image from a directed laser beam, whichLASER ENGRAVING, COATED STAINLESSvaporizes the substrate material. The resulting image is detailed, permanent and indelible.LASER ENGRAVING, WOOD 165'