b'gifts and accessoriesReflection Bowl fine quality sculpted non-lead crystal elegant flared rectangle shapeRETAIL PRICE25-001 10l x 5d x 4h $130.00Award copy includedCigaro Ashtray Round Cigar Ashtray fine quality, machine-made imported glasshandcrafted non-lead crystal generous etching areapolished edge etched in reverse on bottom, showing throughetched on bottom, showing throughRETAIL PRICE RETAIL PRICE87-009 5sq $50.00 07-812 7dia $90.00To add award copy, add $10.00 per piece To add award copy, add $10.00 per piecePrices include logo + name and year of your event. TO ADD AWARD COPY, ADD $10.00 PER PIECE. 149'