b"gifts and accessoriesBarrel Decanter Set RETAIL PRICE99-011 Barrel Decanter Set, 3 piece $140.00 imported non-lead crystalINCLUDES LOGO ON ALL PIECES, COPY ON DECANTER ONLY 3-piece set(32 oz. decanter + two 10 oz. rocks glasses) 5-piece set(32 oz. decanter + four 10 oz. rocks glasses) 99-010 Barrel Decanter Set, 5 piece $170.00 handsome presentation packaging(see general info)INCLUDES LOGO ON ALL PIECES, COPY ON DECANTER ONLY07-118 Barrel DecanterONLY $90.00 INCLUDES LOGO ONLYTo add award copy to decanter only, add $10.00 per pieceShips' Decanter Monterey Carafe handcrafted non-lead crystalhandcrafted non-lead crystal broad, stable basegenerously sized limited etch areathumbprint grip makes easy pourRETAIL PRICE RETAIL PRICE07-700 25 oz.; 11h $90.00 07-559 24 oz.; 10h $70.00Award copy not available Award copy not availablePrices include logo + name and year of your event. TO ADD AWARD COPY, ADD $10.00 PER PIECE. 127"