b'barware and stemwareRiedel Ouverture Wine Set machine-made non-lead crystal 3-piece set(28 oz. carafe + two 12 oz. all purpose wines) packaged in two separate Riedelbranded gift boxes (see below)35-009Ouverture Wine SetRETAIL PRICE DEEP ETCH3-piece set $160.0035-011Merlot Carafe ONLYRETAIL PRICE DEEP ETCHea./individ. boxed $90.00All Riedel Vinum, Ouverture and stemless boxed inRiedel set of 2 gift box (as shown above).35-043 Ouverture Double Magnum35 oz.RETAIL PRICE DEEP ETCHset/2 $70.00114 800.543.1317 www.sterlingcutglass.com'