b'barware and stemwareTerrace All-Purpose Wine 26-042Terrace All-Purpose Wine16 oz. machine-made imported stemware RETAIL PRICE LIGHT ETCH DEEP ETCH machine cut and polished ea./bulk 24+ $17.00 $22.00 tall and splashy! set/2 $39.00 $49.00set/4 $73.00 $93.00Tempo Stemware machine blown imported stemware tall, pulled stems and sheer rims trendy Euro shape; all the rage! pictured left to right:07-337Tempo White Wine14 oz.07-338Tempo Red Wine17 oz.07-339Tempo Champagne Flute6 oz.RETAIL PRICE LIGHT ETCH DEEP ETCHea./bulk 24+ $17.00 $22.00set/2 $39.00 $49.00set/4 $73.00 $93.0007-337 07-338 07-339Prices include logo + name and year of your event (if desired), space permitting 109'