b'barware and stemware07-544 07-545 07-010Harmony Specialty Stems 07-544Harmony Martini7 oz.07-545Harmony Brandy18 oz. machine-blown imported stemware 07-010Harmony Coupe6 oz.Sterling exclusive martini etched on back side, showing through RETAIL PRICE DEEP ETCH light etch not available ea./bulk 24+ $19.00 pictured left to right: set/2 $43.00set/4 $81.00Europa Stemware fine machine-made imported crystal classic shapes and sizes large format stems!27-064Europa Bordeaux20 oz.27-065Europa Burgundy23 oz.RETAIL PRICE LIGHT ETCH DEEP ETCHea./bulk 24+ $17.00 $22.00set/2 $39.00 $49.00set/4 $73.00 $93.0027-064 27-065108 800.543.1317 www.sterlingcutglass.com'