b'barware and stemware07-950 07-951 07-952Harmony Beers RETAIL PRICE LIGHT ETCH DEEP ETCH fine machine-made imported crystal ea./bulk 24+ $15.00 $20.00 polished rim set/2 $35.00 $45.00 pictured left to right: set/4 $65.00 $85.0007-950Harmony Craft Beer20 oz.07-951Harmony Stemmed Beer14 oz.07-952Harmony Weiss Beer16 oz.Fashion Beers fine machine-made imported crystal sheer rim enhances tasting experience07-332Fashion Tall Beer18 oz.26-032Fashion Beer Pilsner19 oz.RETAIL PRICE LIGHT ETCH DEEP ETCHea./bulk 24+ $7.00 $18.00set/2 $31.00 $41.00set/4 $57.00 $77.0007-332 26-032102 800.543.1317 www.sterlingcutglass.com'